This site is dedicated to Russian movies (Russian Films & Soviet Cinema).
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Эта страница посвящена Российскому кино (Русские / Советские фильмы) в Америке.
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Movies for childrenКино для детей - мультфильмы, сказки и семейные фильмы
Russian film catalog vhsКино нa касетах (more then 3000 titles) : New releases / Новинки
Music in moviesМузыка в Кино - soundtracks and artists || Russian Art
Nika (Russian Oscar)Ника архив до 2002, meanwhile here films realeased in 2003 & 2004
International film awardsФильмы выдвинутые на призы фестивалей
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Russian Movies directory / Русские Фильмы в Америке

(General help on site's structure, content, purpose, comments & etc.)
For now it's more of a reference index (on top of the page) to films on RBC, Petropol, Ozon & etc.
But it also contains my own rating for most notable movie titles, greatest films rated 5* stars.
There are actor & director pages with links to interesting info about the artist.
Also some movies are noted to be available as rentals from Netflix (in America).
Almost all russian titles that have english name next to it ( / ) include english subtitles.
Quite a few of movie pages contain link to 10-30 min. video clip & all allow you to buy the film.
Separate 'buy' link represents better price or alternative availability.
Warning: some of tapes St. Peterburg shop (RusKniga) has on sale are not the 'best' quality.
OverSystem: Russian PAL DVDs

The above pages are updated frequently. If you click on the title and you get a root page,
and not a movie info, go back & click again (cookies :( in Mozilla/Netscape & some versions of IE).

This site has been created as an attempt to collect references on Russian film titles available in USA.
And is the first step in creating Russian Movie DataBase, which I'm currently working on.
It will have information on at least 13000 movies and 25000 actors & directors from Russia & USSR.
Пока это указатель (на верху страницы) к фильмам на RBC, Petropol, Ozon и ...
Но он также содержит мою собственную оценку к некоторым из фильмов.
Также некоторые фильмы отмечены, как доступные на прокат от

Большинство страниц выглядят очень просто, но обновляются часто.
Если нажмете на название и попадете к странице без информации о фильме,
возвратитесь, и нажмите на название еще раз (куки муки :( только первый раз). Online SHOP
I believe my site is the best russian movie index in USA. It's also the only complete soviet and russian film directory in America. I've been compiling Russian and soviet movies listing in USA for over a year now.
It first grew out of soviet films shoping list, which turned into "American" Russian and soviet cinema page, and then into free US listing of films from Russia and post USSR republics.
Categories of listed Russian features: Comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Romantic comedy, Sci-Fi (Science Fiction & Fantasy), War, Musical Comedy, Costume Drama, History, Action, Thrillers, Mysteries, Horror, Animation, Fairy tales & Family films, TV Plays, movies & series, Documentaries

It contains: soviet and russian actor directory page, director index, dvd reference list for US with some links for UK & Germany,
Directory of russian language video tapes in America, Russian films on DVDs with english subtitles page, page of soviet and russian cinema for children and the whole family, directory of russian music from movies, awards pages, including Nika nominants archive, Russian comedians page, and russian painters directory

Various directories and top list sites: ERA.COM.UA - Интернет Портал

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