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John Ford came to Hollywood following one of his brothers, an actor. Asked what brought him to Hollywood, he replied The train. He became one of the most respected directors in the business, in spite of being known for his westerns, which were not considered serious film. He won six Oscars, counting (he always did) the two that he won for his ... See full bio

John Ford movies and series available to watch on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu : 1st ratings based on IMDB, 2nd rating - Netflix / Rotten Tomatos users:
* Movie Title (sort) Year Genres (sort) Director / CreatorsLeading Actors Netflix
8.2 Stagecoach 1939 Adventure Drama Western John Ford John Wayne Claire Trevor Andy Devine * 3.8/5
7.5 Young Mr. Lincoln 1939 Biography Drama John Ford Henry Fonda, Alice Brady, Marjorie Weaver * 3.7/5
6.9 Judge Priest 1934 Comedy Drama Romance John Ford Will Rogers, Tom Brown, Anita Louise - 6.6/10
6.3 American West of John Ford 1971 Biography Documentary Western Denis Sanders John Ford John Wayne James Stewart
6.2 The Battle of Midway 1942 Documentary Short War John Ford Henry Fonda Jane Darwell Logan Ramsey * 3.1/5
8.4 v The Quiet Man 1952 Comedy Drama Romance John Ford John Wayne Maureen O'Hara Barry Fitzgerald * 4.0/5
8.3 The Searchers 1956 Adventure Drama Western John Ford John Wayne Jeffrey Hunter Vera Miles * 3.8/5
8.3 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1962 Drama Western John Ford James Stewart John Wayne Vera Miles * 4 /5
8.3 The Grapes of Wrath 1940 Drama History John Ford Henry Fonda Jane Darwell John Carradine * 3.9/5
8.2 How Green Was My Valley 1941 Drama Family John Ford Walter Pidgeon Maureen O'Hara Anna Lee * 3.7/5
8.2 Mister Roberts 1955 Comedy Drama War John Ford Henry Fonda James Cagney William Powell * 3.3/5
8.1 My Darling Clementine 1946 Biography Drama Western John Ford Henry Fonda Linda Darnell Victor Mature * 3.6/5
6.3 v Gideon of Scotland Yard 1958 Comedy Crime Drama Drama Thriller John Ford Jack Hawkins Anna Lee Anna Massey - 6.2/10
8.4 Unforgiven 1992 Drama Western Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood Gene Hackman Morgan Freeman * 4.0/5
7.9 Nazi Concentration Camps 1945 Documentary History George Stevens Dwight D. Eisenhower Omar N. Bradley George S. Patton * 4.9/5
7.1 Hondo 1953 Drama Romance War War Western John Farrow John Wayne Geraldine Page Ward Bond * 4.0/5

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