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Frank Langella was born in Bayonne, New Jersey, to Angelina and Frank A. Langella, a business executive. He is of Italian descent. A stage and screen actor of extreme versatility, Frank Langella won acclaim on the New York stage in Seascape and followed it up with the title role in the Edward Gorey production of Dracula. He repeated the role ... See full bio

Frank Langella movies and series available to watch on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu : 1st ratings based on IMDB, 2nd rating - Netflix / Rotten Tomatos users:
* Movie Title (sort) Year Genres (sort) Director / CreatorsLeading Actors Netflix
7.3 Robot and Frank 2012 Comedy Crime Drama Sci-Fi Jake Schreier Peter Sarsgaard, Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon * 3.7/5
7.2 Muhammad Ali s Greatest Fight 2013 Biography Drama Stephen Frears Christopher Plummer Frank Langella Ed Begley Jr.
5.4 The Box 2009 Drama Fantasy Mystery Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller Richard Kelly Cameron Diaz James Marsden Frank Langella * 2.7/5
7.9 Frost Nixon 2008 Biography Drama History Ron Howard Frank Langella Michael Sheen Kevin Bacon * 3.7/5
7.4 Now You See It 2005 Drama Family Fantasy Mystery Duwayne Dunham Aly Michalka, Johnny Pacar, Frank Langella
7.2 Dave 1993 Comedy Romance Ivan Reitman Kevin Kline Sigourney Weaver Frank Langella * 3.0/5
7.1 The Ninth Gate 1999 Mystery Thriller Roman Polanski Johnny Depp Frank Langella Lena Olin * 3.4/5
6.8 Brainscan 1994 Comedy Horror Sci-Fi Thriller John Flynn Edward Furlong, Frank Langella, T. Ryder Smith * 3.1/5
6.8 Dracula 1979 Horror Romance John Badham Frank Langella, Laurence Olivier, Donald Pleasence * 3.6/5
6.7 v The Water is Wide 2006 Drama John Kent Harrison Jeff Hephner Frank Langella Julianne Nicholson * 7/10
6.5 Master 2017 Documentary History Randall Lobb Dolph Lundgren Frank Langella Anthony De Longis
6.0 The Wrath of God 1972 Adventure Drama Western Ralph Nelson Robert Mitchum Frank Langella Rita Hayworth
8.1 Captain Fantastic 2016 Comedy Drama Matt Ross Viggo Mortensen George MacKay Samantha Isler * 3.6/5
7.9 Good Night and Good Luck 2005 Biography Drama History George Clooney David Strathairn George Clooney Patricia Clarkson * 3.6/5
7.7 All the Way 2016 Biography Drama History Jay Roach Bryan Cranston Anthony Mackie Melissa Leo * 3.8/5
7.7 Secret Origin the Story of DC Comics 2010 Documentary History Mac Carter Christopher Nolan Ryan Reynolds Natalie Portman * 3.8/5
7.6 v Red Dragon 2002 Crime Drama Thriller Brett Ratner Anthony Hopkins Edward Norton Ralph Fiennes * 3.7/5
7.6 5 to 7 2014 Comedy Drama Romance Victor Levin Anton Yelchin Berenice Marlohe Olivia Thirlby * 3.6/5
7.4 Lolita 1997 Drama Romance Adrian Lyne Jeremy Irons Dominique Swain Melanie Griffith * 3.9/5
7.3 Sweet November 2001 Drama Romance Pat OConnor Keanu Reeves Charlize Theron Jason Isaacs * 3.4/5
7.1 Draft Day 2014 Drama Sport Ivan Reitman Kevin Costner Chadwick Boseman Jennifer Garner * 3.6/5
7.1 House of D 2004 Comedy Drama David Duchovny David Duchovny Tea Leoni Robin Williams * 3.4/5
6.7 Muppets Most Wanted 2014 Adventure Comedy Crime Family Musical Mystery James Bobin Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey * 3.6/5
6.7 Superman Returns 2006 Action Adventure Sci-Fi Bryan Singer Brandon Routh Kevin Spacey Kate Bosworth * 3.4/5
6.6 Genius on Hold 2012 Documentary Gregory Marquette Howard Abadinsky Nathanial Barone Marco Ceritelli - 6.6/10
6.4 Small Soldiers 1998 Action Adventure Comedy Comedy Family Sci-Fi Joe Dante Kirsten Dunst Gregory Smith David Cross * 3.7/5
6.4 The Tale of Despereaux 2008 Adventure Animation Comedy Comedy Family Fantasy Sam Fell Matthew Broderick Emma Watson Dustin Hoffman * 3.5/5

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