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Much-loved character actor who specialised in playing slightly sleazy/slightly eccentric and often flawed upper middle class English gentlemen. His career spanned nearly 40 years, becoming a well-known face both in Britain and in the States. See full bio

Denholm Elliott movies and series available to watch on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu : 1st ratings based on IMDB, 2nd rating - Netflix / Rotten Tomatos users:
* Movie Title (sort) Year Genres (sort) Director / CreatorsLeading Actors Netflix
7.0 Madame Sin 1972 Adventure Crime Thriller UK David Greene Bette Davis Robert Wagner Denholm Elliott - 5.2/10
6.8 Razors Edge the 1984 Drama Romance War John Byrum Bill Murray Theresa Russell Denholm Elliott
6.7 Zulu Dawn 1979 Adventure Drama History History War Douglas Hickox Burt Lancaster Simon Ward Denholm Elliott * 3.5/5
6.7 Stealing Heaven 1988 Drama History Romance UK Clive Donner Derek de Lint Kim Thomson Denholm Elliott - 8.2/10
6.6 Sherlock Holmes the Hound of the Baskervilles 1983 Crime Horror Mystery Mystery Thriller UK Douglas Hickox Ian Richardson Donald Churchill Denholm Elliott - 6.4/10
6.4 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1968 Drama Drama Horror Sci-Fi Thriller Charles Jarrott Jack Palance Denholm Elliott Leo Genn
7.8 A Room with a View 1985 Drama Romance UK James Ivory Maggie Smith Helena Bonham Carter Denholm Elliott * 3.5/5
7.6 Noises Off 1992 Comedy Peter Bogdanovich Michael Caine Carol Burnett Denholm Elliott * 3.6/5
6.3 The Whoopee Boys 1986 Comedy Romance John Byrum Michael O'Keefe Paul Rodriguez Denholm Elliott * 3.0/5
8.7 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 Action Adventure Steven Spielberg Harrison Ford Karen Allen Paul Freeman * 4.6/5
8.4 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989 Action Adventure Steven Spielberg Harrison Ford Sean Connery Alison Doody * 4.2/5
8.3 Maurice 1987 Drama Romance UK James Ivory James Wilby Rupert Graves Hugh Grant * 3.7/5
8.0 Watership Down 1978 Adventure Animation Drama Drama Thriller UK John Hubley John Hurt Richard Briers Ralph Richardson * 3.6/5
7.8 Trading Places 1983 Comedy John Landis Eddie Murphy Dan Aykroyd Ralph Bellamy * 3.9/5
7.8 And the Band Played on 1993 Drama History Roger Spottiswoode Matthew Modine Alan Alda Patrick Bauchau * 3.8/5
7.8 A Bridge Too Far 1977 Drama History War Richard Attenborough Sean Connery Ryan O'Neal Michael Caine * 3.7/5
7.5 King Rat 1965 Drama War Bryan Forbes George Segal Tom Courtenay James Fox * 3.5/5
7.4 Alfie 1966 Comedy Drama UK Lewis Gilbert Michael Caine Shelley Winters Millicent Martin * 3.2/5
7.3 The Boys from Brazil 1978 Drama Thriller Franklin J. Schaffner Gregory Peck Laurence Olivier James Mason * 3.6 /5
7.3 The Boys From Brazil 1978 Drama Thriller Franklin J. Schaffner Gregory Peck Laurence Olivier James Mason * 3.6 /5
7.0 v The Night My Number Came Up 1955 Fantasy Mystery Thriller UK Leslie Norman Michael Redgrave Sheila Sim Alexander Knox
6.9 Robin and Marian 1976 Adventure Drama Romance Richard Lester Sean Connery Audrey Hepburn Robert Shaw * 3.0/5
6.9 Mrs Delafield Wants to Marry 1986 Comedy Drama Romance George Schaefer Katharine Hepburn Harold Gould Bibi Besch - 6.2/10
6.6 The House That Dripped Blood 1971 Horror UK Peter Duffell John Bryans John Bennett John Malcolm * 3/5
6.3 The Man Who Watched Trains Go By 1955 Comedy Music Romance UK Harold French Moira Shearer John Justin Roland Culver
8.6 A Green Journey 1990 Drama Joseph Sargent Angela Lansbury Denholm Elliott Cynthia Nixon
6.4 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 1968 Drama Drama Horror Sci-Fi Thriller Charles Jarrott Jack Palance Denholm Elliott Leo Genn
6.9 Toy Soldiers 1991 Action Drama Thriller Daniel Petrie Jr. Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton, Keith Coogan * 3.5/5

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