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Stony-faced, grizzled-looking tough guy Charles McGraw (real name Charles Butters) notched up dozens of TV and film credits, usually portraying law enforcement figures or military officers, plus the odd shifty gangster. While at high school he worked as a theatre usher and was nicknamed Chick by his friends. At 17, he returned to his home town ... See full bio

Charles McGraw movies and series available to watch on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu : 1st ratings based on IMDB, 2nd rating - Netflix / Rotten Tomatos users:
* Movie Title (sort) Year Genres (sort) Director / CreatorsLeading Actors Netflix
6.3 v Joe Dakota 1957 Action Adventure Drama Drama Romance Western Richard Bartlett Jock Mahoney Luana Patten Charles McGraw
8.3 Johnny Got His Gun 1971 Drama War Dalton Trumbo Timothy Bottoms Kathy Fields Marsha Hunt * 3.6/5
8.2 In Cold Blood 1967 Biography Crime Drama Drama History Richard Brooks Robert Blake Scott Wilson John Forsythe * 3.6/5
8.1 Spartacus 1960 Adventure Biography Drama Drama History War Stanley Kubrick Kirk Douglas Laurence Olivier Jean Simmons * 3.7/5
8.0 The Killers 1946 Crime Drama Film-Noir Film-Noir Mystery Robert Siodmak Burt Lancaster Ava Gardner Edmond O'Brien * 3.6/5
8.0 It's a Mad World 1963 Action Adventure Comedy Crime Stanley Kramer Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle, Ethel Merman * 3.6/5
7.9 The Birds 1963 Drama Horror Mystery Mystery Romance Alfred Hitchcock Rod Taylor Tippi Hedren Jessica Tandy * 3.7 /5
7.9 The Defiant Ones 1958 Crime Drama Stanley Kramer Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, Theodore Bikel * *
7.8 The Narrow Margin 1952 Film-Noir Thriller Richard Fleischer Charles McGraw Marie Windsor Jacqueline White * 3.5/5
7.3 Andersonville Trial 1970 Drama George C. Scott Cameron Mitchell William Shatner Jack Cassidy
6.8 v The Bridges at Toko Ri 1954 Drama Romance War Mark Robson William Holden Grace Kelly Fredric March * 3.6/5
6.3 Tell Them Willie Boy is Here 1969 Drama Western Abraham Polonsky Robert Redford Katharine Ross Robert Blake - 6.6/10

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