This site is dedicated to Russian Films (Russian movies / Soviet cinema).
For now it's more of a reference index (on top of the page) to films on RBC, RussianBuy, Ozon & etc.
But it also contains my own rating to most notable movie titles. Some actor pages.
Also some movies are noted to be available for rent from Netflix (in America).
Warning: some of tapes from St. Peterburg shop ( are not the 'best' quality.

The following pages are updated frequently. If you click on the title and you get to a home page,
but not movie info, go back & click again (cookies :).
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Эта страница посвящена Российскому кино (Русские / Советские фильмы) в Америке.
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Actors index / страницы актеров - bio, filmography, photos, articles, interviews & links
Directors pages / страницы о режиссерах - bio, available movies, articles, and links
Movies on DVD / Фильмы на DVD
Movies for children / Кино для детей - мультфильмы, сказки и фильмы для всей семьи
Russian film catalog VHS / Кино нa VHS (more then 3000 titles)
Music in movies / Музыка в Кино - soundtracks and artists
Nika (Russian Oscar) / Ника until 2002, meanwhile here's films realeased in 2003
International film awards / Фильмы выдвинутые на призы фестивалей
Sexy Actors & Actresses / Красавицы и красавцы в Кино
Studio LenFilm / Ленфильм
European Movies / Европейское Кино на Русском: Французские, Итальянские, ...
To discuss Russian Cinema come to Yahoo e-group 'RussianMovies'

With any questions or suggestions / С любыми вопросами или предложениями

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